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I might not thank people for list votes as much as I used to since I don't really see much point in doing that. Mostly to the people I thanked before. If I don't then I'm still grateful for all the votes. Also you don't have to thank me If I vote for one of your lists since I know you're gratful, but if you want to then I won't stop you from doing that.

I am a movie buff who is very passionate about film. I do not consider myself a critic. I do not care if a film is groundbreaking or not and I don't let flaws stop be from enjoying a movie. (Unless it's heavily flawed and/or it's just a bad movie.) I don't care about the critics opinion or the ratings on IMDB or here. It doesn't matter if some people didn't like a certain film. If I liked it then that's all that matters.


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A great return to form for Weezer

Posted : 1 year, 8 months ago on 10 July 2015 06:16 (A review of Everything Will Be Alright In The End)

Since every review I've posted on this site has been negative, I decided to do a positive one for a change and I might post more reviews on this site in the future especially for music albums as the whole music log just didn't work out for me.

Now in my Bands/artists I stopped caring about list I stated that back then I only knew them as the guys who sang Beverly Hills and Perfect Situation and wasn't even aware of their earlier stuff besides Say It Ain't So which I knew from Rock Band when that fad was still popular. Then when time passed I realized those songs sucked and realized that the Weezer that sang Buddy Holly and Say It Ain't So were different from the Weezer that sang Beverly Hills and Perfect Situation. Since that list I listened to The Blue Album which was great and Pinkerton was even better. Then I decided to listen to The Green Album out of curiosity and it was surprisingly decent, but that was the last good album they released. Maladroit was godawful and that was where I drew the line and stopped listening to their albums which looking back at it wasn't a great idea as it made my best to worst list of their albums incomplete. However when their first single Back to the Shack came out I was really impressed by how good it was and decided that I should resume listening to the rest of their albums. I didn't do that though until much recently and the reason I did that was to put this album into perspective. To get through all this crap to getting this great feeling when I finally got to this album. I also binge-watched The Rock Critic's take on Weezer from The Blue Album to this one and while he tackled their bad albums much better than I ever could, I'm still going to talk about the good and the bad albums here before I get to this album and might do separate reviews for the majority of their albums, but if I were to do just one it would have to be Raditude as there's so much wrong with it that it needs a full review.

The Blue Album: While it’s not perfect mainly because of the starting song My Name is Jonas which brings the album down for me a little bit. I usually don’t let one lesser song affect my score, but the reason I do for this album because it’s the starting track and I think a strong first impression is important. While it is a decent song and lyrically it’s really good, but the way it’s sung isn’t that engaging and because of that it’s surprising that I even fell in love with this album at all. With that said though it’s a great album with tons of memorable songs. Besides Say it Ain’t So and Buddy Holly it has tons of other classic songs like In The Garage, Undone - The Sweater Song and No One Else.

Pinkerton: I love this album. It’s just really amazing and every song on this album is perfect. I’ve been wanting to do a review of this album for quite a while, so I think I will sometime in the future as I have quite a bit to say about that album.

The Green Album: Because of how misunderstood Pinkerton was at the time, Weezer decided to do something a bit more mainstream. For the most part it actually works. It does have a couple classics like Island in the Sun and Hash Pipe and it has a lot of catchy songs. The only problem is that it lacks the heartfelt songs that the previous two albums had, but I still like it and it was the last good album Weezer has released for many years to come and it wasn’t until a decade later until they released another good album.

Maladroit: I think this album is horrible, but I seem to be in the minority as this album seems to have some kind of cult status. For me this was exactly when Weezer went wrong as this was when they started to make soulless, mainstream music with no substance to it and none of the songs on this album are good. Keep Fishin' is the best song on that album, but that's not saying much because it's still not good and it's more listenable with the music video with The Muppets that it is as a standalone song.

Make Believe: Just abysmal. I hated every song on this album. I've ragged on Beverly Hills in the aforementioned list and Perfect Situation has one of the worst attempts at a chorus I've ever seen.

The Red Album: Not a complete trainwreck, but it still has some terrible songs like Troublemaker and Pork and Beans where the music video for that song shows that they're trying way too hard to stay relevant by having YouTubers and viral videos on it. Has a couple songs that aren't too bad, but it's still terrible.

Raditude: This was when things officially hit rock bottom. Just when I thought Make Believe was the worst album they’ve ever done they proved me wrong with an album thats a thousand times worse. Even though The Rock Critic already did a great review of that album, I still feel compelled to review this album sometime because it’s just so bad that I want to tear it apart. I’m just going to say that this album is just abysmal in every way and I’ll go more in depth into why it sucks when I actually review it.

Hurley: This is probably their best album during the dark age, but it still sucks. While not all of the songs are horrible, it’s just so mind-numbingly boring which is why it still has the same rating that I gave to The Red Album. Also the song Where’s My Sex is pretty terrible which is another reason I hate this album.

OK, enough negativity. Now it’s time for the review of this album. I think getting through all the trash played a part in me really enjoying this album. I probably would’ve felt the same about it even if I haven’t listened to all these albums, but it just gave me a good feeling when I finished listening to all the bad albums. In this album Weezer finally realizes that they’re done with selling their artistic integrity just to get a wider audience that they don’t need. Almost all of these songs are fantastic and feel reminiscent of The Blue Album and Pinkerton. This album is just so good that I’m eagerly awaiting their next album. So before I get to some of the songs I want to get to Back to the Shack. I was on the internet and someone said that Weezer was good again and linked to their new single. I didn’t believe that statement for a second, at least before I listened to the new song. The moment when Rivers Cuomo starts singing “Sorry guys I didn’t realize that I needed you so much. I thought I could find a new audience I forgot that disco sucks.” That was what made me fall in love with that song and it made me super hyped for that album. The chorus is catchy, the lyrics are great and it showed that Weezer was finally done screwing around. Casual Weezer fans are likely not going to enjoy that song, but most of the die-hard fans are happy that the real Weezer is back.

Cleopatra is my favorite song on the album and it’s a song that could easily fit on The Blue Album or Pinkerton. The chorus is really catchy, the lyrics are great and it tells a really well-done story. The British are Coming is another great song and is probably my second favorite song. I didn’t love the song that much at first, but the more I listened to it the more I loved it. It has a really great concept and the execution for it was perfect. Some of the other highlights of this album are I’ve Had It Up To Here, Ain’t Got Nobody, Foolish Father and Go Away. There’s a lot of great stuff to be found in this album, but it’s not perfect. The weakest song on here is Da Vinci. While it is a decent song, it does have some odd lyric choices, unnecessary whistling and it just doesn’t fit in with this album. It’s still an enjoyable song, but it’s the weakest on the album. Another problem I had with the album is The Futurescope Trilogy. While it is a good trilogy, it’s way too short and they really didn’t need to do this song in separate tracks. It just felt like more of an add-on to the album and I think they should’ve sticked with Foolish Father as the closing track.

This is a great return to form for Weezer. This album had everything I wanted after a streak of shitty albums. While I wouldn’t call it better than Pinkerton or even The Blue Album, I still think it’s up there and again I’m now looking forward to their next album.

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Posted : 3 years, 1 month ago on 14 February 2014 04:23 (A review of The Counselor)

WARNING: This review will contain some profanity, so don't read if you're easily offended by cursing.

I have A LOT to say about this waste of cinema! I was highly anticipating this piece of shit when I saw the trailer for this movie and saw that RIDLEY FUCKING SCOTT was directing this abomination. It was number 2 on my Most Anticipated Movies of 2013 which is actually appropriate because this film is a bunch of "number 2." While Grown Ups 2 was originally the worst movie of the year, this one tops Grown Ups 2 because while it was a god-awful movie, I had no expectations for it.

The main problem with this movie is the dialogue. I have seen many movies with bad dialogue, but this movie might have the worst dialogue ever in a movie. The movie starts with Penelope Cruz and Michael Fassbender talking about finger-fucking and taking part in a poorly-made sex scene. The dialogue in that scene is so poorly written that I had no hope for this movie. The sex in this movie is about as sexy as Sarah Jessica Parker trying to seduce an iguana.

The talent in this movie was wasted wasted WASTED!!! With the exception of Cameron Diaz the acting wasn't bad, but the actors just didn't look like they were interested in the movie at all.

The way this movie was advertised was misleading as fuck. The trailer made it look like it was going to be a gritty crime movie, but the tone of this movie wasn't that dark and it was just a talky movie. Now I don't mind dialogue-heavy movies. Some of my favorite movies are talky, but when the dialogue is horrible, the movie just feels like a huge chore to watch.

Almost an hour and a half into the movie when we finally get a shoot-out scene, it is too short, not suspenseful and the blood spurting effects are faker than a reality show.

This could've been a great movie, but it is ruined by the fucking awful dialogue, waste of talent and the misleading advertising. They also end this shitty movie with the shittiest ending they can think of. I have never felt so let down by a movie! This might even be the worst movie I've ever seen because it is that fucking bad!!!

Fuck this movie! Fuck the writing! Fuck the advertising! Fuck the waste of talent! Fuck 2013 for being a disappointing year for movies and fuck me for anticipating this piece of shit!!!

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It has finally jumped the shark.

Posted : 4 years, 1 month ago on 23 February 2013 01:03 (A review of Family Guy)

Most people say that Family Guy has gone downhill after season 3, but I disagree. Seasons 1-8 was the golden age of Family guy in my opinion. Season 9 wasn't great, but it had it's moments. I actually liked the season 10 premiere episode called "Lottery Fever" despite it's flaws, but after that it started to go downhill. The first half of "Seahorse Seashell Party" was just a goldmine of unfunny jokes and the second half was just unnecessary drama started by Meg. "Screams of Silence: The Story of Brenda Q" was where I thought Family Guy went too far. It was supposed to be an episode focused on domestic abuse with some dark comedy into the episode, but the whole thing was in poor taste and almost all the jokes fell flat on their faces. (The Iraq Lobster joke was kind of funny.) After those episodes the season had a hit or miss impact on me. It had a good number of bad and average episodes, but it had a decent amount of good ones to keep my 8/10 rating. Season 11 is actually worse than the last one. So far it only has one good episode. The jokes for each episode keep getting worse and worse. I'm starting to wonder if the new writers of the shows are manatees. (If you didn't get that South Park reference then I recommend seeing that episode, since it's a great satire of Family Guy.) I usually don't change my rating just because a show is going downhill, but I am so appalled with what this show is turning into that I don't have much of a choice. Despite the fact that some people are saying The Simpsons is going downhill, I am still able to get more laughs out of their new episodes than most of the recent episodes of this show. Right now I'm on episode 8 of the latest season and I might just stop where I am because I doubt the show is going to get any better and the show is just not worth keeping up with anymore. Should've ended while it was still good.

March 29, 2014 Update: I decided to change my listal rating back to 8/10 because I still love seasons 1-8 and I just realized that it isn't fair to change my rating just because the show isn't good now. Just because the show sucks now doesn't make the older episodes bad. I also made the choice to resume watching the Family Guy episodes I haven't seen yet a month after posting this review. I did see a few good ones, but most of them sucked. Why do I still watch Family Guy if the show sucks ass now? Because I kind of enjoy finding out how the next episode is going to suck and because the next episode I see could be a good one.

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Really awful!

Posted : 5 years, 3 months ago on 29 December 2011 05:45 (A review of Bio-Dome)

This film is awful. When the opening credits started I did not know what was going on. When Pauly Shore and Stephen Baldwin said their first lines I was annoyed. I'm pretty sure 80% of the film is them acting like idiots. Talking and acting like a dumb person is not funny! I was wondering which guy was more annoying and I would have to say Stephen Baldwin is the more annoying one. There is also one part where The Ramones cover of Spider-Man while they play with a football. I don't know what that has to do with anything. Also The Safety Dance plays when they are not dancing. The girlfriends are the most entertaining characters in the whole movie! I died when I saw Jack Black in this abomination. DO NOT WATCH THIS!!!

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Superhero Movie review

Posted : 5 years, 4 months ago on 21 November 2011 01:46 (A review of Superhero Movie)

I just couldn't see how this was funny. First of all I don't think having Drake Bell in a spoof movie works. I also think that Leslie Nielsen couldn't save this movie. The main movie it spoofs is Spider-Man and I find that insulting. Even that joke about Tom Cruise wasn't funny, Scary Movie 4 did a better job of spoofing Tom Cruise. Probably the funniest part in the movie is where those airdancers are "doing it." I'd pretty much only recommend it if you want to see every movie Leslie Nielsen was in, even the crappy ones. Anyone else I wouldn't recommend it.

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A poor excuse for a musical!

Posted : 5 years, 9 months ago on 21 June 2011 04:50 (A review of High School Musical 2)

It was on TV, so I decided to give it a chance and it was torture. The singing was horrible and the acting was bad. The only thing I liked about the movie was the part where Troy and Chad were fighting because I didn't care about ANY of the characters. I seen one HSM and I can honestly say that was enough for me.

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Mighty Joe Young
March 15 "Listen you guys, cut out the rough stuff or I'll feed you to the lions. The kid's cigarettes will be on your check. Enjoy yourselves... gentlemen." I decided to throw Mighty Joe Young into the mix since a few people that worked on the original King Kong were involved in the making of this as well, but mostly just because. It turned out to be just as good as I thought it would be. It does a good job of telling it's own story while borrowing some elements that made the original King Kong work, but it's a very fun movie with a charming story. The stop-motion in this one is also very solid, especially the work on Mighty Joe Young himself which is still impressive to this day. The only time where it looked very obvious was that one scene where Mighty Joe Young was fighting against lions. In some shots they have real lions, but in others they are obviously stop-motion. It's very noticeable, but it doesn't take away from the scene for me and I'll take glaringly obvious stop-motion over CGI any day. The final scene in this movie is also impressive and I really liked how it looked on a technical level. Overall, this was a fun movie that I enjoyed more than Son of Kong and it's definitely worth checking out.
2 weeks ago
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2 weeks ago
Son of Kong
 Son of Kong 7/10
2 weeks, 1 day ago
2 weeks, 3 days ago
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2 weeks, 5 days ago
Son of Kong
March 14 "Stick with me and you'll be wearing diamonds." I pretty much knew what to expect going into this one. Looking into the history of this film it turns out that it was rushed to come out as quickly after the first one as possible and it really shows at times. The writing isn't as strong as it could've been and the stop-motion unfortunately looks rushed in certain parts. Even though this movie could've had a lot more work put into it, for the deadline it was put into it was good as it possibly could've been. It does start off slow, but it does get more interesting as it goes on and there was still quite a bit of fun to be had with this sequel. So, while this movie would've been a lot better if it wasn't forced to be rushed, it's still good for what it is. If you're expecting a great sequel to King Kong then you'll be disappointed, but if you lower your expectations then you might get some enjoyment out of it.
2 weeks, 5 days ago
King Kong
 King Kong 6/10
2 weeks, 5 days ago
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3 weeks ago
The Emoji Movie
If the teaser is anything to go by, this looks like typical pandering bullshit that's only purpose is to make a quick buck. It's most likely going to be successful too which means we'll get more crap like this. If I wasn't interested when The Smurfs did it, then I'm not going to be interested when dumbass yellow blobs do the exact same thing.
3 weeks, 1 day ago

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Posted: 1 week, 3 days ago at Mar 19 17:25
Just dropping by to let you know to be sure to sit through the end credits for Kong: Skull Island. I almost missed it.
Posted: 1 month ago at Feb 22 11:51
Thanks for the vote, Moviewatcher!
Posted: 1 month, 1 week ago at Feb 21 1:07
Thanks for the image vote, Moviewatcher! Have a great week. :)
Posted: 2 months ago at Jan 23 21:14
Hi my dear friend..this is my new lists check it if you want to..hope you like it..

Ryan Murphy: A Showrunner Who Never Holds Back
Top 10 Italian Movies
Posted: 2 months, 1 week ago at Jan 17 22:58
Hi my dear friend..this is my new lists check it if you want to..hope you like it..

Great Movies That No One Talks About
The Best Coming-of-Age Movies (1970-Present)
Posted: 7 months, 2 weeks ago at Aug 13 13:52
Thanks for the image vote, Moviewatcher122!
Posted: 8 months, 1 week ago at Jul 24 0:25
I think it's time we need your July 2016 Film Diary list at some point.
Posted: 8 months, 3 weeks ago at Jul 6 15:37
Thanks for the image vote!
Posted: 10 months, 2 weeks ago at May 14 16:39
Hi my dear friend..this is my new lists check it if you want to..hope you like it..

Sophia® Awards 2016 (Nominations)
Golden Globes (Portugal): MUSIC
Golden Globes (Portugal): CINEMA
Posted: 11 months ago at Apr 30 13:48
Thanks for the vote, Moviewatcher122!
Posted: 1 year ago at Mar 5 4:45
After the huge success of the lists :
The Best Gay Themed Movies
The Best Lesbian Themed Movies
I am pleased to share with you my new list, which completes the trilogy:
The Best Transgender Themed Movies

As always, thanks for ALL the votes and comments.
Posted: 1 year, 1 month ago at Feb 3 13:39
Yes, it is once again time for our yearly tradition. What is the best movie, according to you, Listal member? What are you waiting for?!? VOTE!!!!

Posted: 1 year, 1 month ago at Feb 1 10:42
Thanks for the image vote!
Posted: 1 year, 2 months ago at Jan 14 2:39
Hi my dear friend..this is my new list check it if you want to..hope you like it..

♀ + ♂ + ♀ MÉNAGE À TROIS ♂ + ♀ + ♂

Posted: 1 year, 3 months ago at Dec 23 12:51
Thanks for the vote, MovieWatcher122!
Posted: 1 year, 4 months ago at Dec 1 12:11
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